I was THRILLED with our wedding video! My mother was unable to attend our wedding, so I wanted to be able to share the ceremony with her. The final product was so much more than we ever hoped for! We love it and can’t wait to watch it every year on our anniversary. Thank you so much, Aleksandra and Somerled!
— Carrie & Mike

What are the prices?

Wedding film packages start at $1,500. Your wedding film begins with your wedding plans, the vision and understanding who you are.

A quick FaceTime call, phone call or better yet a chat over a coffee will help you make an informed decision regarding your event film options. Let's meet today!



Premium Film - This beautifully handcrafted dynamic film is a piece that lets you see all of the main events as well as the smallest details.

Its length is determined by the number of the toasts during the rehearsal dinner and reception, length of your ceremony and how many events took place.

An average length is 20-45min. Licensed soundtrack, voice overs and the dialog captured throughout the day enhance the story of your wedding.

It’s the ultimate way to relieve your day and make it eternal.  

Feature Film - This 6-9 minute film is an overview of your day in a cinematic and breathtaking form.

Your friends, family and coworkers will be able to relieve your big day in a short amount of time and feel as they were there again!

Highlight Reel - A 3-5 minute film designed to highlight the most important and amazing moments.

It is perfect for sharing with your friends, family, coworkers, and thanks to its short form it is very social media friendly.


What is the "couple's Voice Over"?

Your film is the story of your wedding. What’s a better way to tell it than by yourself? We absolutely love to include our couples’ voice over

as it greatly enhances the film and puts the film on another level! We prepare you for this well in advance so that you don’t have to stress or worry about it whatsoever.

Better, you may hardly even notice when we captured all this! BUT, not everyone is as excited about it as we are, so it’s totally optional.

We're eloping!  Do you have any options for us?

We sure do!  We have an elopement packages starting at $1,100.  Contact us for more details.

Are there any additional fees?

If the location is far away we may ask for travel fees which may include gas and hotel, depending on the location of your event.

And since we're located in Buncombe County, North Carolina, 7% sales tax is applicable. We know, this stinks (to say politely)!


What is your level of participation - are you inconspicuous?

For the most part, you won't notice us.  We're never in your face or obstructing guests.  

We don't use on-camera lights that shine anyone's eyes (we don't need to) and we won't stick a camera in anyone's face.  

Sometimes it helps to get up close every now and then to get that perfect shot, but we'll discuss it beforehand and you can let us know what you're comfortable with.    

Why do you use licensed music?

We use licensed music for several reasons. It keeps your film from being taken offline by video sharing services and keeps us from getting sued.  

There are a lot of choices these days when it comes to licensed music and we will take your preferred genre into account when creating your film.  

We'll never use music you don't like. And the best part? The soundtrack will be as unique as your wedding.  


What is the difference between a Standard cut documentary and an extended one?

The documentary film is fully edited with sound design, the film is a chronological documentary of your wedding day. It’s edited to remove any unnecessary footage and to create a seamless flow.

The Standard Cut consists of your ceremony, first dance, toasts and cake cutting.

The Extended Cut includes all listed in Standard Cut and much more: preparations, cocktail hour, specials dances, dancing and grand exit.


How does payment work?

We know there's a lot to pay for with a wedding, so to make it easier for you we stagger payments. To book your special day we accept a $500 deposit.  

We ask for 30% of the total 3-6 months before the event and the remaining balance is due 15 days before the event.

Are add-ons available?

Yes, we offer all kinds of add-ons, like rehearsal dinners, Next-Day Highlight, custom flash drives and more!

How do you capture audio?

We capture audio during the ceremony by placing a small  lavalier mic on the groom and officiant.  

During the reception we record a signal from the DJ or band's sound board.  We also will place mics around for ambient audio or if there is no sound board.