6 Hours of Coverage

Short Documentary Film
or 3-5 Minute Highlight

Multiple Camera Angles

Wood Flash Drive

Two Cinematographers



9 Hours of Coverage

Full Documentary Film

6-9 Minute Feature Film

1-2 Minute Trailer

Couple's Interview (optional)

Multiple Camera Angles

Personalized USB Drive

Downloadable HD Files

2 Cinematographers



All Day coverage

Full Documentary Film

15-25 Minute Signature Film

3-5 minute Highlight Film

Couple's interview (optional)

Multiple camera angles

Personalized USB Drive

2 Blu-Ray Discs

Downloadable HD files

Extra Footage

3 cinematographers (optional)

Whats the difference between a highlight, feature film and a signature film?

Highlight Reel - The Highlight Reel is 3-5 minutes long and is designed to highlight the most important and amazing moments of your Big Day. It's perfect for sharing with your friends, family, coworkers, and thanks to its short form it is very viewer-friendly. Available in just 4 weeks!

Feature Film - This film is 6-9 minutes long and is designed to tell the story of your day in a cinematic and breathtaking way. Your friends, family and coworkers will be able to relieve your Big Day in a short amount of time and feel as they were there again!

Signature Film - This 15-25 minutes film, set to licensed music and dialog captured throughout the day, is designed to tell the story of your day in an authentic and the best format there is!

What is the "couple's interview"?

The couple's interview is an optional feature where we do a short interview on a wedding day with each person (or together) to use in the film, sometimes as an intro, sometimes as narration.

We're eloping! Do you have any options for us?

We sure do! We have an elopement package starting at $950. Contact us for more details.

Are there any additional fees?

We may ask for travel fees, which may include gas and hotel, depending on the location of your event.

What is your level of participation - are you inconspicuous?

For the most part, you won't notice us. We're never in your face or obstructing guests. We don't use on-camera lights that shine anyone's eyes (we don't need to) and we won't stick a camera in anyone's face. Sometimes it helps to get up close every now and then to get that perfect shot, but we'll discuss it beforehand and you can let us know what you're comfortable with.

Why do you use licensed music?

We use licensed music becuase it keeps us from getting sued and keeps your film from being taken offline by video sharing services. There are a lot of choices these days when it comes to licensed music and we can take your preferred genre into account when creating your film. We'll never use music you don't like.

What is the difference between a short documentary and a long one?

The short documentary includes the main events, like ceremony, first dance, special dances, cake cutting and toasts. The long documentary is more comprehensive, showing preparations, decors and details, ceremony, first dance, special dances, cake cutting, toasts, dances and exit

How does payment work?

We know there's a lot to pay for with a wedding, so to make it easier for you we stagger payments. To book your special day we accept a $500 deposit. We ask for 30% of the total 3-6 months before the event and the remaining balance is due 14 days before the event.

Are add-ons available?

Yes, we offer all kinds of add-ons, like trailers, rehearsal dinners, Next-Day Highlight and more!

How do you capture audio

We capture audio during the ceremony by placing a small lavalier mic on the groom and officiant. During the reception we record a signal from the DJ or band's sound board. We also will place mics around for ambient audio or if there is no sound board.